Your business needs to ramp up its digital capabilities, but seniors are expensive and hard to find.

Junior developers are a cost-efficient way to handle the vast majority of technical challenges your business faces...

But you can't afford to pull your seniors off of product delivery to mentor them.


Junior Developer Mentoring-as-a-Service

PHX Consulting will help you:

  • Strategise and recruit for junior roles,
  • Mentor junior developers and integrate them into your organisation.
  • Upskill your intermediate and senior staff in mentoring and leadership.
  • Design training and onboarding programmes for future junior developer hires.

The result: a diverse team that can rapidly cycle in and upskill developers of all levels, to tackle any technical challenge your business faces.

Why hire junior developers?
Why not just invest in more senior developers?

  • Diversity is not just demographics.

    Junior devs are un-opinionated and bring a fresh perspective to every challenge.
    To have a team that can do anything, you need developers of all skill levels.

  • Not every problem is a nail.

    Many development problems do not require the intense depth of knowledge that a senior developer will bring to bear — nor are they sufficiently complex to hold their attention!
    Junior developers can tackle a broad array of challenges, giving your senior engineers the breathing room to work on the problems that they are uniquely qualified to solve.

  • A culture that creates amazing juniors attracts amazing seniors.

    What do all the companies that EVERYONE wants to work at have in common? They invest in their developers' professional learning... and junior developers are hungry to learn!

  • Hand-holding not required.

    The developers in this programme are seasoned professionals.

    They have been trained in full-stack Javascript development, and software dev is their focus — but many of them also have years of previous experience in different roles (sales, management, technical support, etc.). Some of them also have previous development experience.

    What they all have in common is an amazing work ethic, ability to learn fast, a love for digital technology — and they will bring a wealth of diverse experiences to your development teams.

    You will be amazed at what these "junior" developers are capable of!

Think we're onto something here?