Your development managers need to focus on strategic priorities. But they keep having to solve tactical problems.

Your developers want to have more autonomy and learn new skills. But they lack a technical lead to bridge the gap.


Virtual Engineering Lead

PHX Consulting will help you:

  • Provide technical leadership, ensuring your applications are designed and developed to the highest standards of quality, performance and security.
  • Reclaim outsourced capabilities back to your in-house developers, giving you more control over the product development lifecycle.
  • Optimise your software development processes, integrating Agile principles and frameworks where appropriate.
  • Mentor your developers, empowering them to gain new skills and tackle new responsibilities.
  • Strategise and recruit for new development roles.
  • Design and implement training and onboarding programmes, so that your teams can continue to grow and build new capabilities sustainably.

The result: a high-performing team that consistently pushes the boundaries of what you thought was possible.

Think we're onto something here?